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⚔️❝❓2 AI Tools, 1 Quote, 1 Question, & 3 News.


We hope you're doing well! This week, we're excited to share with you a collection of valuable content to help you stay informed and engaged. Our newsletter includes:

  • 2 AI tools to help you optimize your workflow

  • 1 thought-provoking quote to inspire reflection

  • 1 insightful question to stimulate your thinking

  • 3 top tech and economy news stories to keep you up to date

We're always looking to improve and provide value to our readers, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us. Thank you for your continued support!

⚔️🤖 2 AI Tools

  • Elicit - Language models to help you automate research workflows, like parts of literature review. Elicit can find relevant papers without perfect keyword matches, summarize takeaways from the paper specific to your question, and extract key information from the papers.

  • ValidatorAI - is a free AI business validator tool that allows users to input their startup idea and receive objective feedback and criticism from an AI.

❓One Question

How has the pervasive use of technology impacted our sense of self, and our relationship with others? Are we at risk of losing our ability to communicate effectively, empathize with one another, and form meaningful connections in a world that is increasingly mediated by screens and devices?

❝ One Quote

"Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet." - Douglas Adams

📰 3 Top News

  • Spotify’s new design is part TikTok, part Instagram, and part YouTube Spotify is redesigning its core homescreen to be more like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, featuring a feed of full-screen images and video, and emphasizing podcast discovery. The company has invested heavily in podcasts, live audio, and other types of content in recent years, and CEO Daniel Ek aims to have over 50 million "audio creators" on the platform. The new design makes it easier for users to discover new things across the Spotify ecosystem, and to give more space for different types of content. The design also features more personalized AI, including a Smart Shuffle feature and DJ, an AI that hosts personal radio shows.

  • ETH Crashes 7% After NYAG Calls Ethereum A Security Crypto markets experienced a sharp decline on Thursday following the New York Attorney General's lawsuit against KuCoin, which accused the exchange of acting as a securities broker-dealer and misrepresenting itself as an exchange. The lawsuit seeks to prevent New Yorkers from accessing KuCoin until it complies with the law. The Attorney General's office also categorized Ether as a security, similar to LUNA and UST, in its petition, contributing to the decline in Bitcoin and Ether prices by over 7%. Categorizing Ether as a security by the New York Attorney General's office in its lawsuit against KuCoin could be a game-changer for the cryptocurrency industry because it could have broader implications for the classification of other cryptocurrencies. If the court upholds this classification, it could open up the possibility for other regulatory bodies to classify cryptocurrencies in the same way, leading to increased regulatory scrutiny and potentially limiting the way in which cryptocurrencies can be traded or used. This could impact the value of cryptocurrencies and the overall growth of the industry.

  • Biden includes crypto tax changes in 2024 budget request The proposed budget from President Joe Biden includes a provision that would subject crypto to "wash sale rules," eliminating tax deductions on losses incurred by quickly selling and rebuying the same or similar crypto investment. Other crypto-related items include information reporting, mark-to-market tax rules, and reporting foreign digital asset holdings to the IRS. The administration estimates these changes could raise nearly $40 billion over a ten-year period. While presidential budget requests do not guarantee Congressional acceptance, they reflect the administration's priorities and could become law through a piecemeal legislative approach.

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