Best BTC wallets for Bitcoin ATMs


Any wallet can be used when purchasing BTC from our Bitcoin ATMs we even offer the option to getting your coins on a paper wallet, which is safe, but a few steps are needed to retrieve them.  Online (Hot) Wallets we recommend:

  • Blockchain Wallet (Easy to use, popular, private)

  • ​Jaxx Wallet (not as easy, but very safe and very private)

  • BRD Wallet (extremely private, but rates fluctuate more.

Safety when using Bitcoin ATMs

  • Do not send bitcoins to anyone you do NOT know.

  • Preferably send bitcoins to your own wallet.

  • If in doubt about where you are sending a payment please text us immediately.

  • BEWARE of Scams - Bitcoin ATMs do not work with any government agency, ICE, Disneyland, or private company.

  • Bitcoin ATMs are very safe if used properly.  Should you have questions please text 323 977 9276