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🔥 Whats your Crypto motivation.


  • 🔥 What's your Crypto Motivation?

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🚀 What's your Crypto Motivation?

The main motivation for getting into the crypto game is very personal. But we can really reduce them to two or three…. or one.

Making money is paramount. We all want to make enough to be able to retire from everyday work and live a quiet and secure life, financially speaking. This is the reason why many people fall victim of scams, fraud and massive losses. Thieves sweeten our ears with unrealistic profits, and by hearing that this market has created many millionaires, we easily fall for these types of scams. Many also enter the market looking for coins with the goal of earning 1000% in days and end up losing what they invested.

The other motivations are normally; the adrenaline of being in a new and risky market, satisfaction of gains and being able to talk about it, and security thanks to the fruits, but all these are a byproduct of the main thing here, which is gains.

It is very interesting to read on social media pages and reports, people judging others for their financial decisions or crypto preferences. I think that each protocol is very different and they really are incomparable. Fruits and meat are edible but they are species from very different worlds. Bitcoin and Ether are cryptocurrencies, but they are completely different and serve different purposes.

Comparing them is really not having a complete understanding of them. The more people enter this space, understand it and digest it properly, it is much better for all of us in it. Discussing or judging which protocol is better or more profitable is a waste of energy and time. What is needed in this techno-financial revolution is unity and cooperation.

Crypto exchange FTX has become famous for spending millions advertising in professional baseball and basketball leagues and has now bought a 30-second “Super Bowl” commercial worth nearly $ 6 million which includes Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the sport. On the other hand, Floki, the popular meme coin will be advertising on London public transportation buses. These two services are completely different and attract investors and followers from different worlds. FTX is looking for investors who trade and can use the platform frequently. Floki seeks to outperform Dogecoin and provide a service for the video game industry by capitalizing on NFTs and merchandise.

What is your motivation? It doesn't really matter, as long as we contribute to financial independence, decentralization, technological and financial growth, and a better world for all.

🗂️ Directory of the week (DeFi)

👀 Under the Radar

Curve DAO Token - Decentralized stablecoin exchange that uses an automated market maker (AMM) to manage liquidity. Launched in January 2020, Curve stands for decentralized finance (DeFi). In August, Curve launched a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with CRV as its internal token. The DAO uses the Ethereum-based Aragon creation tool to connect multiple smart contracts used for liquidity deposited by users.

Tezos - Blockchain based on smart contracts, similar to Ethereum but offers a more advanced infrastructure, which means that it can evolve and improve over time without the danger of a hard fork. XTZ owners can vote on the protocol update proposals that Tezos developers have submitted.

Chainlink - Founded in 2017, Chainlink is a blockchain abstraction layer that enables the universal connection of smart contracts. Through a decentralized oracle network, Chainlink enables blockchains to interact securely with external data sources (off-chain), events and payment methods, providing the critical off-chain information that complex smart contracts need. to become the dominant form of digital deal.

Harmony - Blockchain designed to facilitate the creation and use of decentralized applications (DApps). It aims to innovate the function of decentralized applications by focusing on the fragmentation of random states (sharding), which allows to create blocks in seconds. Harmony to introduce cross-shard contracts and cross-chain infrastructure to peer

Decentraland - Virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create, experience and monetize content and applications. Users buy digital parcels of land that they can then navigate, build, and monetize. Designed for content creators, businesses, and individuals looking for a new art medium, business opportunity, or source of entertainment.

📰 News

Social media trend of “Shiba Inu,” above BTC for a few hours.

🤯 The Madness of NFTs

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