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Miracle BTC wave

This is an interesting wave of BTC price which was expose by Kinnari Prajapati on Trading view. Ms. Kinnari was able to spot a very interesting trend where BTC cycles through lows and highs every 14 days.

The first time that it hit a high was on March 20th, 2020, with a next low recorded 3 days after on March 23rd, then the price of #BTC went up again and hit a High on March 25th, 2020. Following that wave, #bitcoin dropped to $5831 on March 29th, 2020, and exactly 3 days later it hit a high of $7210.

Can you see a pattern here of 3 and 2 days respectively? To continue that trend on April 5th it went down to $6693 just to recover exactly 2 days after to the price of $7450.

If this trend highlighted by Ms. Kinnari continues, and taking into account that on April 16th BTC dropped to around $6600 (depending on the time) we shall see an increase to about $7500s by April 18th or April 19th. As usual, this is no investment advice, this is just an article that highlights patterns in price fluctuation of the #cryptocurrency and shows how the past can repeat itself. As usual, proceed with caution and send us a text or email with your comments and/or suggestions. Also, if you are in LA, please visit our #bitcoinatm locations - Bitcoin ATMs in LA

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