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Merry X-Mas to the #BTC community - #ATH

Bitcoin hit $24,680 in a brief leap around 12.00 UTC. At the time of this writing, BTC remains just a touch above $24,000.

The BTC all-time high (ATH) made for a nice holiday greeting. Gemini Exchange co-founder and crypto bull Cameron Winklevoss tweeted his regards after the peak hit:

Merry Christmas! Santa left $24.5K #Bitcoin under the tree

This is a great present for those #hodlers and anyone with any amount of #btc or any #cryptocurrency - There is no doubt that the volatility of the crypto market will, but as we have seen year after year, the highs keep getting higher and higher, adoption keeps growing in the space and we have not seen corporate money come in. Corporations and billionaires will, undoubtedly, throw lots of capital at crypto. They are trying to decide whats the best way to do it. Some financial institutions may opt to create their own crypto (most likely stable coin), others will invest in the real #cryptos, others may just choose to create a blockchain technology to solve some of the issues and challenging that they are facing right now. Regardless, the space is still somehow new, but not for too long.

We at, #ycobitcoin believe that volatility is great for the industry, it allows for those slow adopters and the skeptics to jump on it, then increasing the market capacity and adoption. This brings more companies to accept crypto as a form of payment, it pushes government officials to create a safe place for investors and users of the crypto community and we will witness the creating of many blockchain companies.

We strive to inform our readers and our tribe on a daily basis. Please visit our site on a regular basis to buy more crypto with a debit and credit card and to learn more about the space.

Merry christmas everyone!!!

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