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Making crypto apps go mainstream

This is a great post that we have to share. Originally Created and published by Water and Music

Making crypto apps go mainstream will require downplaying crypto and amplifying utility.While many people might be familiar with the concept of avatars, blockchain technology and the idea of ownership of a digital asset is still a fairly new idea for most consumers, even with the recent wave of NFT hype. Jake described Genies’ ambition to “bridge the chasm between the crypto-community and the everyday consumer” by focusing on the “utility” of avatars, while downplaying the technical “intricacies” of blockchain itself. Central to making this happen will be not only Genies’ upcoming consumer-facing marketplace, but also SDKs and APIs that allow Genies avatars to integrate across social media sites, offering users the possibility of forming a cohesive, cross-platform digital alter-ego. This is not an easy feat in a world where Web2 social media still dominates, but the point is that the fact that users will then own this digital asset in the form of an NFT is just “the cherry on top of the cake,” according to Jake.

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