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How #bitcoin #ATMs encourage SOCIAL Distancing.

Digital assets organically encourage social distancing during #covid19 pandemic.

By nature, cryptocurrencies do not require a social presence. Users can send value directly from one person or entity to the next, without ever meeting them. Bitcoin ATMs serve a purpose, in that they allow users to buy into and cash out of Blockchain assets. This helps expand digital payment access to the underbanked, many of  whom are otherwise unable to transact online. It can also enable payment at establishments that do not accept virtual currency.

Bitcoin ATMs can also lead to close contact between users, however, when they are placed in high traffic social venues, such as malls. Screens and other touchpoints can also facilitate the spread of viral illnesses if they are not kept clean. 

Our company #ycobitcoin has closed certaing high traffic locations to protect customers and other #BTMs that are open, have been cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

Other #bitcoinatm operators have delegated a specific team for locking machines during the coronavirus pandemic. “We also have our best field technicians working tirelessly to disinfect and clean our affected BTM’s,” some operators have added. 

Recently, the U.S. President extended the emergency shut down of all non-essential businesses from April 12 until the end of the month.

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