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✨ ChatGPT - 4 is Here, and it is all the buzz


  • ✨ ChatGPT - 4 is Here, and it is all the buzz Turn Pictures into recipes Turn a sketch into a web app Find your love companion Make a Movie and more…

  • 🥷 AI for developers and Google Workspace

  • 🔨 AI Tools of the week

✨ ChatGPT - 4 is Here, and it is all the buzz.

The latest version of ChatGPT from OpenAi is mind-blowing. These are some of the insane features and capabilities of the new and improved version.

Here you have some other features that are or will be available soon…

  1. Enhanced context understanding: Improved ability to understand and maintain context over longer conversations, enabling more coherent and relevant responses.

  2. Multilingual support: The seamless integration of multiple languages in a single conversation allows users to switch between languages effortlessly.

  3. Emotion and sentiment analysis: The ability to detect and respond to users' emotions and sentiments leads to more empathetic and engaging conversations.

  4. Advanced voice synthesis: Integration of high-quality voice synthesis to enable more natural-sounding spoken interactions with the chatbot.

  5. Integration with external data sources: Ability to access real-time data from external sources, such as news websites or databases, to provide more accurate and up-to-date information.

  6. Customization and personalization: Advanced tools for users to easily customize and fine-tune the chatbot's behavior, language style, and domain expertise to suit their specific needs.

  7. Improved reasoning and decision-making: Enhanced capabilities to understand complex problems, reason about possible solutions, and make informed decisions or recommendations.

  8. Image and video processing: Integration with computer vision models to enable understanding and generation of visual content in conversations.

  9. Audio processing and understanding: Integration with audio processing models to enable understanding and generation of audio content, such as music or sound effects.

  10. Real-time collaboration: Support for real-time collaboration between multiple users, enabling simultaneous interactions with the chatbot for group tasks or discussions.

AI is here to stay and will continue to see more developments in the space as well as more companies embedding AI capabilities in their products. Perhaps by now, all of us are using AI directly or by proxy.

🥷 AI for developers and Google Workspace

Google is making significant progress in its AI journey by introducing new APIs and products that make it easy, safe, and scalable to build with its best AI models. Either that, or they feel way behind since chatGPT is moving at the speed of light.

Developers and businesses (sorry not open to the public yet) can now experiment with generative AI through Google Cloud and a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite.

The PaLM API and MakerSuite offer a safe and approachable way for developers to explore and prototype with generative AI applications. Meanwhile, Google Cloud is bringing generative AI capabilities to its Vertex AI platform, including foundation models and the Generative AI App Builder, which allows businesses to create AI-powered chat interfaces and digital assistants.

The one I am more excited about since I use these tools regularly is that Google is also introducing new generative AI features to Workspace, helping users write drafts instantly in Gmail and Google Docs. The company aims to scale AI responsibly by following its AI Principles and partnering with others to ensure AI models are safe and helpful for everyone.

🔨 AI Tools of the week:

  • Ask your PDF - Load your PDF files (excellent for large files) and ask any questions about it

  • - This company has taken AI companionship to a whole different level. It allows you to create an AI companion who truly cares about you, loves you, and remembers everything you say. It can be another brain, or that friend/lover that is 100% dedicated to you. A bit too much and scary for me, but would love to hear your take on this one. Leave a comment

  • - Generate unique patterns for your product using AI! - Search & create thousands of royal-free patterns for every surface with our simple AI tool!

  • Analyze CSV - Basically ask your CSV file anything.

🚨 All these tools are great, but always be mindful of what you are sharing and uploading as these companies will have access to the uploaded data and hackers too if their servers are compromised.

Notion is the all-in-one workspace that combines notes, docs, project management, and wikis — and makes them all customizable. Over 20 million people and teams around the world use it to collaborate, stay informed, and get more done together.

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