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Bitcoin up, stocks down during #halving week

  • The stock market just closed its worst trading week in two months.

  • #Bitcoin, on the other hand, is up more than 10% on the week.

  • All signs point to a slower economic recovery from the coronavirus than initially expected.

Bitcoin final great decoupling broke its correlation with the stock market—one that some analysts and traders say never really existed in the first place. While crypto has seen considerable gains this week, the stock market continues to fall on warnings that the US economy may recover from the coronavirus pandemic slower than anticipated.

But, on the day of the halving, the price of Bitcoin dumped all the way down to the mid-$8,000 range, a sign of nervousness in the market over the event. (Ethereum likewise dropped down to $185 per token.)Since then, however, Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market has come roaring back. While BTC may be down today by around 5%, Bitcoin has gained more than 10% on the week and is now trading for around $9,300. All in all, market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies has gained close to 8% and now sits at $253 billion.

Meanwhile, stocks have seen consistent days of negative trading since the beginning of the week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell by more than 500 points on Wednesday, while the S&P fell close to 2%. While the Dow closed today up by 60 points, it ended the week down more than 2%. It was the worst trading week for the Dow in nearly two months.

Likewise, the S&P isn’t faring much better, closing today at 2,863 points and down close to 2% on the week as well.Markets appear to have reacted to the news of poor retail sales in April, which were far worse than predicted. A government report suggests that April retail sales were down more than 16%—far worse than the 12.3% percent initially predicted by Dow economists.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused overall spending to shrink, with the clothing industry taking the biggest hit. Sales of clothing fell by more than 78%, while electronics were next in line with a 60% drop in sales. Restaurant revenue has dropped by close to 30%.

We may continue to see drops in sales as more people file for unemployment and as the reopening of this and many other countries continues to be postponed. It will be interesting to see how the #cryptocurrency market behaves the coming days and weeks. Bitcoin ATMs have seen an increase in sales lately due to #halving and its expectation that the price will increase because of it, people desperately searching for investment alternatives, and also some users using the machines to send and receive much needed to capital send from friends and relatives.

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