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Bitcoin ATMs by the Numbers

By investing in this new America 2.0 upgrade I’m about to tell you about, you’ll have the chance to add more money to the bank…

Then you can withdraw it from the same tech that’s creating this mega trend investment: a bitcoin ATM.

Blockchain-powered technology is decentralized.

This means only the owner has access and permission to the data. It’s completely encrypted, and only you can provide access to this sensitive information.

Much like BOB, or Blok on Blok — the nation’s first blockchain-powered smartphone — that I introduced you to earlier this year.

Today, ATMs join BOB as just one of many blockchain devices about to have a major impact in our daily lives.

Like our America 2.0 trends, it’ll make our lives easier and more efficient. No more stacks of credit or debit cards with different pins to memorize.

All you need is your smartphone and a single unique ID or your fingerprint.

Valued at $300 million in 2019, the global bitcoin ATMs market is forecast to reach $23.5 billion by 2030. This is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 48.7%:

A projected CAGR of 48.7% is huge!

This tells me investing in the blockchain device mega trend is likely one investment not to be missed and an ideal investment play.

And I’ll tell you the best buy for this trend.

In 10 years, it’s going to shoot up to unbelievable highs which makes this one of the best investments you can get today.


According to Prescient & Strategic Intelligence, this bitcoin ATM will experience the fastest-growing demand through 2030.

It’s also known as the cryptocurrency (crypto) or the bitcoin ATM.

If you haven’t seen one in person, don’t fret. You will very soon.

They are popping up everywhere.

According to the crypto ATM tracking website, there are now 8,657 cryptocurrency ATMs in 72 countries.

The crypto ATM installation global growth is going gangbuster, soaring nearly 260% per year:

The country with the most crypto ATMs is the U.S. — with 6,589 across the country now:

The top five U.S. cities with the most crypto ATMs are:

  1. Los Angeles, California­ — 602.

  2. Atlanta, Georgia — 310.

  3. Chicago, Illinois — 298.

  4. Miami, Florida — 288.

  5. Houston, Texas — 288.

These ATMs are conveniently located at our local shopping malls, grocery stores, neighborhood convenience stores and fueling stations:

And the forecast for rising demand of cryptocurrency ATMs is amazing.

According to one of the fastest growing multi-cryptocurrency ATM networks, crypto ATMs “…are one of the fastest growing industries in the world due to the increased demand for in-person cryptocurrency transactions.”

The bitcoin ATM manufacturer also notes these “…ATMs are crucial for the acceptance and adoption of bitcoin due to their vital connection between underbanked communities and the crypto world. … Bitcoin ATMs convert fiat currency into digital cash, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.”

“The expansion of bitcoin ATMs increases acceptance and use of bitcoin for financial transactions and makes everyday transactions easier for everyone.”

In all, the crypto ATM is a bitcoin device that will have a notable impact in the world.

We sees this exponential growth potential as well … throughout the entire blockchain technology sector.

The fact is, blockchain technology is on the cusp of disrupting EVERY industry on the planet.

From real estate, banking, to health care — and from shipping, insurance to automobiles … over $400 trillion in various industries will be forever transformed by blockchain.

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