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🦿Ai Robots will recycle your trash, AutoGPT, Ai Tax frauds and more.

Today we bring to you:

  • 💸 ChatGPT pays bug bounty hunters - (link)

  • 🤖 Bored of ChatGPT? Get ready for AutoGPT (link)

  • 🧰 AI Tools of the Week

  • 🦿 This robot can sort recyclables and trash (link)

  • 💪🏽 Miscellaneous and AI updates

  • ⚙️ Are you looking for a role in an elite company?

💸 ChatGPT pays bug bounty hunters - (link) OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has launched a bug bounty program to encourage individuals to find and report vulnerabilities in its software. Bug finders can earn rewards ranging from $200 to $20,000, depending on the type and severity of the vulnerability discovered. The initiative aims to address potential flaws in complex AI software and improve overall security. OpenAI joins major tech companies like Apple and Google in offering such programs. Cash rewards also apply to vulnerabilities involving OpenAI's corporate information via third-party services, albeit with lower reward caps. The company appreciates the contributions of security researchers in making its technology safer.

🤖 Bored of ChatGPT? Get ready for AutoGPT (link)

Auto-GPT, developed by Significant Gravitas, is an open-source Python application that enables AI to operate autonomously without requiring users to prompt every action. Using GPT-4 as its foundation, Auto-GPT allows users to set an overall goal, and the AI takes step-by-step actions to achieve it, thus creating "AI agents" that can use the internet and perform actions independently. For example, Auto-GPT could be given the goal of searching the web for unique recipes for an upcoming event and then saving the recipe to the user's computer. Auto-GPT breaks down AI actions into "thoughts," "reasoning," and "criticism," explaining the AI's decisions and justifications. It also includes features like long/short-term memory and text-to-speech integration via ElevenLabs. Use cases for Auto-GPT are diverse, including autonomously developing and running an e-commerce business (Ecommerce-GPT) and analyzing and rewriting code (Robo-GPT). Users have also imagined its potential for creating websites and running social media campaigns. While setting up Auto-GPT requires Python 3.8 (or later), OpenAI and Pinecone API keys, and optional ElevenLabs API for text-to-speech, detailed setup instructions are provided on the Auto-GPT GitHub page. Auto-GPT's ability to reason and take autonomous actions has sparked discussions about whether it represents a step towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), with some pointing to its long/short-term memory and learning capabilities. While opinions vary, Auto-GPT raises philosophical questions about the future of AI and "intelligent beings" on the internet.

🧰 AI Tools of the week

  • - Convert your text into highly engaging videos within minutes

  • - Semantic search engine for YouTube and podcast content

  • Ask Botta - Personal teaching assistant

  • - Summarized podcasts

  • - Text to Presentation Tool, Works with Google Slides

  • FlairAI - Design tool for branded content

  • Metaphor - A system to search the internet with large language models

  • Rewind - Search engine for your life

  • Tasmania - YouTube video search

  • You - AI-powered search engine

🦿 This robot can sort recyclables and trash (link) The task of sorting waste is much harder than it sounds: not only does the robot need to correctly pick up the vast variety of objects that people deposit into waste bins, but it also needs to identify the appropriate bin for each object and sort them as quickly and efficiently as possible. RL at Scale (RLS), uses deep reinforcement learning system for training robots to sort recyclables and trash in office buildings. RLS combines training in simulation with real-world data and uses auxiliary inputs from computer vision systems for better generalization to new objects. The system was validated through extensive trials, including 4800 evaluations across 240 waste station configurations, using data from 9527 hours of robotic experience collected over 24 months with 23 robots in three buildings.

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💪🏽 Miscellaneous and AI updates:

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