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🤖💼 5 Ways AI is Transforming the way we work

Today we bring to you:

🤖💼 5 Ways AI is Transforming the way we work

AI is transforming the workplace, becoming a "coworker" for many employees. A new survey reveals that those at higher income levels ($100k+) are more likely to interact with AI in their jobs. Let's dive into the findings and implications. 🤖💼

1/ The Kizen survey found a striking income-based trend: 90% of workers earning $100k+ reported using AI in their work, compared to just 15% of those earning $50k-$99k, and a quarter of respondents earning below $50k. Income matters for AI adoption.

2/ Big Tech is driving this change, integrating generative AI into enterprise software suites. Think Microsoft's Copilot, Google's Bard, and Adobe's Firefly—AI is helping with tasks like writing emails and generating content. AI is weaving into everyday work.

3/ IT departments and data-heavy fields like digital marketing and software development are early AI adopters. AI is already reshaping tasks like editing code and generating snippets, making developers' lives easier. Tech-savvy teams are leading the way.

4/ Job security is a concern, but experts advise focusing on automating specific rote tasks within roles. Instead of replacing entire roles, AI can assist with auditing code or drafting user requirements. A smarter approach leads to success.

5/ While some roles may be in flux, the demand for AI expertise remains strong. AI-related job postings rose to an average of 1.9% last year, up from 1.7% in 2021. The AI revolution is driving new job opportunities in the field.

In summary, AI is changing the way we work and creating new opportunities. As AI continues to become a coworker for many, we need to navigate this transformation wisely, unlocking AI's potential while ensuring an inclusive and fair workplace.

🧰 AI Tools of the Week

  • Trade UI - AI data-driven Tools alert you in real time as notable events take place on the markets.

  • Truewind - AI-powered bookkeeping and finance tool designed to make back-office finance simpler and more efficient for startups.

  • Sturpy - AI assisted Financial modeling for startups.

  • Gorilla Terminal - AI-driven investment research tool designed to provide a more efficient and enjoyable solution to long hours of tedious research tasks.

  • - Automagically analyze real-time financial intelligence

  • Ask Stock GPT - AI-powered search tool that retrieves information from Tesla's quarterly earnings

🤯 Elon Musk plans AI start-up to rival OpenAI (link)

Hold on to your hats, folks! Elon Musk is making waves again, this time by launching a new artificial intelligence start-up, X.AI, to rival OpenAI. He's got big plans to join the AI race and create a language model that's as clever as ChatGPT.

Musk's been assembling an all-star AI team and securing some hefty investments from his SpaceX and Tesla pals. With a boatload of GPU processors from Nvidia, X.AI is gearing up for action.

Sure, some might question Musk's speedy moves, especially after he urged caution with GPT-style models, but he's got his eyes on the prize. Besides, he's no stranger to OpenAI—he co-founded the group before parting ways over AI safety concerns.

So, keep an eye on this space. The AI market's sizzling, and Musk's ready to make his mark!

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💫 Google Project Magi: A Magical Leap into AI-Powered, Conversational Search! (link)

Hold on to your wizard hats, folks, because Google's conjuring up some AI magic with its latest quest to build an "all-new search engine!"

Meet Project Magi, where Google's merry band of engineers, designers, and execs are brewing up AI-based features that'll have users feeling like they're chatting with a friend! Need shoes? Booking a flight? Google's got you covered, with a sprinkle of "lucrative" search ads for good measure.

And for the code wizards out there, Magi can whip up software code answers while slipping in a sneaky ad. Don't forget Google's other enchanted endeavors, like learning languages with Tivoli Tutor and exploring the world with AI-powered Google Earth. But wait, there's more! Want to ask questions while surfing the web? Say hello to Searchalong, your friendly chatbot companion.

As Google's spokesperson said, not every idea leads to a launch, but the journey is bound to be spellbinding! Abracadabra, search world! ✨🎩💫

💪🏽 Miscellaneous and AI updates

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